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The sound of the engine when you start it and the vibrations it expels every time you step on the gas is a feeling that is hard to compare to anything. The luxury and power a sports car imposes is a catch that is very hard to get away from and many will die to have. Because of this, sports cars are transported from all over the globe to hundreds of lucky drivers every year and very special accommodations are needed in order to have these desperate drivers get their hands on them without any damage or inconvenient.

Prep it up. Many sports cars have many modifications to alter its model to make it unique. Most of these alterations go out of the usual size in order to have the car properly secured. These alterations many times can be removed, if possible do so in order to avoid and damage while transporting; remove as many of these pieces as possible.

Small Details. Sports cars as classic cars have unique models that need to be taken in account in order to offer proper accommodations while transporting. The more details you provide about your car the better knowledge an agent has and damages can be avoided due to incorrect or missing information.

Enclosed Shipping.  Enclosed carriers offer secluded areas for these cars to be delivered properly and with no inconvenience. However, there are some models that do not allow for enclosed carriers; therefore they must be taken in open carriers with the proper precautions. Make sure you describe your car as much as possible to your agent in order to get you the proper carrier. Although these carriers are big, they are smaller than regular open carriers. Due to this, cars have more security harnesses tied to them in order to keep the car in place during transport.

Locations. Due to the fact that enclosed carriers occupy big space and in order to load your car properly, make sure your pick up location is in an open area, away from tree branches, crowded streets, low clearance cables and other obstacles. The less secluded the area the faster and better opportunity the driver has to properly load your car.

Make sure you take in account all these details in order to have your sports car shipped properly and avoid any inconvenient as much as possible. This luxury is envied by many, make sure you have it shinny and scratch free for the next time you drive down the street and people call you the Schumacher of your block.

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Enclosed Transport for Cars and Motorcycles

Vehicles, whether they are cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses or trains are the main commutes for thousands of people every day to go to work, school, or simply to move around from one place to the other. Because they’re such a reliable transportation people go to the extremes to care for their safety, providing constant maintenance to keep them working properly as long as possible. Repairs for vehicles can be very expensive and insurance sometimes may not cover the bills, therefore it is very important that whatever you put your vehicles through you do with care and with all safety measures as possible.

Cars and motorcycles are the most common transportation methods worldwide and due to this they are shipped constantly from one place to another to supply the high demand in the industry. Not only manufacturers, dealers and major companies are shipping vehicles worldwide now, also private owners are requesting the service nowadays. Regardless of what is the reason for your transportation request, it is always important to know what is the best service to suit the safety of your type of vehicle. There some vehicles that require specific transportation accommodations in order to be shipped from 500 miles to 3000 miles; such vehicles like sports cars, classic cars, convertibles, high-end luxury cars, motorcycles, trykes, and personal water crafts (better known as Jet Skies) require extra protection while in transit.

As you may know there are two types of carrier, either open or enclosed carriers to do the job. Many people turn down enclosed carriers as soon as they hear the word as they are more expensive than open carriers, however end up paying double for repairs later on. Enclosed carrier offer maximum protection for vehicles from the environment and road conditions, cars all fully covered by the carrier’s insurance up to $1 million dollars during transit. Although insurance is offered, if cars are being transported to be showcased or for immediate sale, there is no time to have repairs done, therefore taking the risk of transporting via open carrier is not worth it; insurance claims can take from a few weeks to months to be completed without counting the stress and inconvenience. Most of the types of cars mentioned before usually have a lower clearance than regular cars and can be easily scratched when mounted and unloaded from a carrier, enclosed carrier have lower ramps to ensure the low clearance is not damages.

Motorcycles, trikes and personal water crafts are vehicles that do not have a cover, they’re completely exposed to the environment, and it is very important that are protected while in transit. Unlike cars, seats, stereos and modifications are exposed completely. If taken via open carrier they can be easily damaged by flying objects, road conditions and bad weather.

There are some carriers that even refuse to take certain vehicles via open, no matter how good the job is paying, the risk is not worth it, therefore if you are advised by your agent the vehicle needs to be transported via enclosed, consider the advise as it comes from an expert.

Why to choose a Car Transport Broker?

Using a broker helps you receive service through a third person or middle man that links you to the carrier, they serve as a transport travel agent who will make sure that you get the best deal for your car transport. Basically, the main responsibility of an auto or car transport broker is to find you a legal carrier or car transport company that can handle the actual vehicle transport as safely and as less expensive as possible. Auto transport brokers have the database of a lot of carriers to choose from and they have the ability to screen out bad services from those good ones with up-to-date federal insurance and licenses. Since brokers maintain a relationship with carriers, they can keep track of most routes and keep you updated of the progress of the transport.

Transporting a car is not only about the physical movement of a car from one point to the other and providing as much details as possible. Many customers who use brokers are usually very skeptical at the beginning and sometimes are not even capable to go through their booking with one. Truth is brokers are your best bet for car transport as they manage all the details for you and serve as your communication channel with the drivers. Actually, most car transport companies are brokers as most drivers cannot deal with customers directly as they are most of the time on the road; it is hard for them to schedule routes and paperwork with clients, therefore they use brokers as well to get their jobs.

Our job as a broker is not only to get you the best deals and best drivers to fit your schedules and needs, but it also is to put you in the hands of trustworthy hands that will handle your car and transportation with the importance and delicacy it needs. In order to protect you from any driver-customer issue we make sure clear contracts are signed and agreed to before any transportation is provided to make sure both customers and drivers abide by the rules to provide a fair and satisfactory experience for both, most importantly for you.

Part of our contract with drivers to show the commitment towards our mutual customers states that once job is accepted and car is picked up, driver cannot expect nor demand more than what is offered, this means once terms of job offered is accepted and picked up, driver has no right to change the terms.

The last thing you want to worry about while relocating or moving from place to place is paper work. All you want is to be able to relocate as easily as possible and not worry about anything else to continue your life normally. This is why, the ultimate reason why you should use a broker to transport your car is for the easy processing and less hassle in transporting your car. Brokers are familiar with the process already and have paper work ready to go.

How to ship a car from Dallas TX to Miami FL?

We ship cars anywhere in the country, safe and fast. Our drivers have extensive experience in this field, and they know exactly how to transport your vehicle in the optimum conditions.

There are two main routes from Dallas to Miami. We choose the I-20 through Jackson, Mississippi, and from there we either head southeast or south using the I-55 or I-10 near Hammond, North of New Orleans.  Heading east on the I-10 will take us through Florida to Jacksonville. From here we can take the I-95 south to Miami. We can also take the I-75 (near Lake City) towards south to central Florida and then to the highways into Miami.

State highways are not so popular for car shipping companies because they are more limited and do not cross many major metropolitan areas as interstates do.

It usually takes from 2 to 3 days to have your car shipped, depending on how many deliveries we have to make. 

How do I book a service?

You can book our services by either giving us a call at 214-393-9678 or submitting your information on this Form. We would need the following information: Pick up address with contact person, delivery address with contact person, VIN or tag number for your vehicle and the first available date for pick up. Please state any other terms or limitation you might have as well.


The cost for car shipping from Dallas to Miami will start from $595 and it depends on the vehicle you want to ship (the price will increase if it's an SUV or a pickup truck), the type of carrier (the enclosed one are more expensive because they fit only several cars), shipping schedule and the pickup/drop off destination, among other factors.

Additional fees are added for inoperable cars, because it's more difficult to transport them and special equipment will be needed. Also if your car has special modifications such as lift kits, low clearance or other drastic changes to the original body of the vehicle

Price can also be affected by season. In winter most car shipping companies are busy delivering the newly launched vehicles to dealers. This might take from 2 weeks to 2 months. That is why, if you need a car shipped during this period, we will need to make an extra stop to take your vehicle.

If you need more information about the car shipping process or if you want to know the exact price for delivery you want to make, do not hesitate to contact us!







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