Every Story Has Two Sides, Signed: The Driver – By AA Car Transport

Most of the time customers will only review and post about bad car transport experiences. This serves as proof to some weather you are dealing with a reliable car transport or not. Many times as much as we try to avoid these situations, some things get out of hand and we are not able to control them as we would like to. We understand customers get upset as it may cause delays and inconveniences for them, however, there is a reason why these things happen and we must listen to the driver’s story as well.  

What we have to do and make sure our customers understand before booking any nationwide car transport service, with either AA Car Transport or any other company, is that we attempt to do our best to give estimated times for pickups and deliveries and try to keep customers as updated as possible along the way. Unfortunately there are certain things we can’t push to happen and simply need to flow with them as there are reasons why they happen this way. For example, sometimes delays occur because weather conditions on the road are very bad, a customer may look at the weather channel and see a partly clouded sky with rain, but they really don’t know how bad that rain is on the road. Also remember, driving a 5 passenger car in rain is not the same as driving an 18 wheeler down the road with 7-11 cars mounted.

 Drivers take different precautions in order to safeguard the cars they are transporting and their wellbeing without putting their jobs and therefore their life in risk. These are unnecessary risks that are not worth it only because of a nagging customer.

Long distance car transport requires more time as it has more miles to cover, due to DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations, drivers cannot drive more than 8 hours or 400 – 500 miles a day. Therefore delivery times may be longer and imply more risks. Due to this as well, car transport service quotes are higher as they need to cover for gas, mileage and other factors such as door-to-door car transport or enclosed auto shipping.

Still drivers form part of licensed and insured car transport companies and must abide to their regulations as well. If protocol for a flat tire is a 24 hour checkup ordeal, no matter how easy and quick a tire can be changed, drivers must follow this protocol to avoid further inconveniences. What customers have to understand and many times forget is that these are not regular size cars their driving and security measure are higher.

We had an experience for a customer that shipped his car with a small time frame between pickup and delivery during bad weather conditions from Atlanta to Dallas. Dallas was hit by severe tornados and all traffic was stopped to come in or out. The delivery was delayed and unfortunately the customer did not understand these severe conditions and gave driver a very hard time. Non stop calling aggravates the driver as well and as DOT regulations state; drivers cannot be on phones while driving for security purposes. 10 missed calls in a 20 minute period will not get the driver to answer you any faster. You must keep calm and be patient as drivers are doing their best to get in time.  None the less the car was delivered one day after and the driver tried to explain to customer the bad weather situation he was in causing the delay. Customer dismissed him rudely and called us to complain about him. We understood the situation and we could not take it against the driver, simply offered apologies tour customer.

For our fortune,  in the afternoon the driver called us back to inform us that customer had called to apologize as she had seen the news and the weather report and saw the terrible tornados that had hit Dallas area the day before.  Instead of complaining she congratulated him and thanked him for taken such great care of the car.

Like we said before, we try our best to control as much as we can all the factors affecting the car transport service, however there two sides to every story and most of the times delays occur because drivers are looking out for your cars as if it were their own.












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