Motorcycle Shipping - How it works

Commonly known as bikes, motorcycles are 2 or 3 wheel vehicles that vary according to the owner's purpose. Motorcycles are the most common transportation in most countries and serve almost any purpose, whether you need to get to work and back every day, cruise through I-95 from New York to Florida or go racing. These vehicles are highly acclaimed as they are very affordable and will save a lot a money gas-wise. Maintenance is also less expensive and they are accepted anywhere.

Due to their easy access, many industries have gotten a kick out of these vehicles; tourism, hobbies and attractions. There are many cities and tourist areas that rent mopeds for customers that are interested in cruising through the streets instead of walking or having to pay parking in every stop. It is an affordable way to go from attraction to attraction in small cities. Key West, FL for example is famous for this service. Locals and tourists use mopeds to go around the island. Parking is found anywhere, gas is filled very 2 weeks or so and they are very easy to drive. Anyone with a valid license can rent one of these babies and start driving away.

Now if you're interested in long distance cruising, a moped won't be your first choice as it will be somewhat uncomfortable. For long distance trips, cruisers are a great choice as it offers great comfort, enough room for a companion and your baggage. Cruising may be desirable for some, however not for everyone, some prefer speed and the feel of adrenaline running through the veins. Racing bikes are also a popular choice among motorcycle lovers , however these bikes are considered high risk vehicles as unfortunately not many drivers respect bikes and many bikers are not responsible while on the road.

Regardless of what bike you chose, there is a high possibility that the one you want is only found a couple thousand miles away from you. In order to get a hold of it, you will need to transport it to you. Motorcycle shipping will come in very handy! Not only if you bought a bike and are looking to ship it back to you, maybe you are interested in going to a bike week or rally and don't have the time to ride to it.

When shipping a motorcycle there are important factors you need to take care of, such as prepping the bike for transport, finding a trustworthy and reliable company, taking care of payments, and providing as much info as possible for agents to fix you up with the best transport according to your needs.

First thing you have to do is set the dates you  would like the transport done, the more flexibility you have, the better. If you are working with a tight schedule try to set up your transport in advance to avoid any delays or inconveniences. Once dates are set up, book through a reliable and trustworthy company that will provide the best transport and security for your bike while not ripping out your bank account. It is very easy to fall in the hands of aggressive salesmen that will give you anything just to get your business and then dump you to the back of the line and forget about your existence, or even worse, set you up with a lousy company that will transport your bike but deliver it in pieces. After booking has been done, arrange payments for deposit and delivery. Make sure what type of payment is accepted to avoid mishaps upon delivery. Once transport is setup, ask your agent what policies they have in order to prep the bike for the transport. Things like full gas tanks, removing custom made modifications, and personal belongings. Once all this has been taken care of, simply wait for the bike t be delivered and enjoy your ride!

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