How much does it cost to a transport a car?

HOW MUCH DOES IT ACTUALLY COST SHIP A CAR? is the most asked question among our clients.
Some will call several companies to shop around for a good deal and some will submite their information and have companies call them and compete for the job.
There is no one simple answer, however we will make an effort to make clear most of the points which actually can have an impact on the final amount. Almost all prices are for open trailer in all parts of the USA including Hawaii.
Infact this article will help you comprehend the best way you really should use a dealer in order to ship your personal vehicle.

Let’s head start from the basic mathematics.

The normal cost to ship a vehicle inside an open trailer is normally  mileage multiplied by the dimensions of the vehicle + agent charges.  

As an example, here are some general rate for main routes:

•Small sedan / Hatchback - 40 cents per mile.
•Med size sedan - 45 cents per mile.
•Truck / SUV - 55 cents per mile.
•VAN / Big truck - 65 cents every mile and up.

Hence essentially in a perfect world we have to open a roadmap to often identify the mileage between point A and point B, multiply with respect the vehicle dimensions and of course we get the associated fee. But unfortunately this isn’t often the situation.

Right here are a number of the factors which actually can always change the amount:

•Gas prices - This is definitely the most important aspect on price. Whenever gas charges increase, all shipping charges rise.
•Distance, pick up & drop off spots - most drivers receive the same route. Many manage daily routes, many weekly or else bi-weekly; thus, a top route like LA to Miami is a very well traveled route, which allows you to actually  find drivers to ship the car (more drivers = significantly less charges). But, in order to  ship a vehicle actually from Barre VT to Casper WY will often costs significantly more, considering the fact that these 2 places are out of any main route. Less number of drivers + off common route = increased charges.
•Month or year- auto and auto shipping times are always split right into summer and winter. Seasonal time makes prices go up just because there are definitely more potential clients as compared to drivers.  
Summer time top route is coast to coast.
Winter time prime route is:  north to south and as well back again north towards the end of the winter (snowbirds).
•Vehicle - size is the main factor actually for 2 main reasons. The very first one is weight. Heavy loads make the pickup truck utilize more gas. The next one is size. A big VAN takes the exact same amount of area on a trailer which infact two small sedans do.
•Unique needs - there are a large number of things which come into play just like: if for example vehicle is operative or not (some trucks feature a winch), towing gear, or just any modification to the car which always needs specialized equipment. These will often affect the cost.
•Time frame - driving is not an exact science! Customers with zero flexibility as far as pick up & delivery dates will definitely spend significantly more! Since there are numerous factors much like weather, traffic and weight stations, every single hold up can change transport time actually by hours and days.
So as you possibly can realize there is certainly certainly no exact answer to “just how much does it cost to actually  transport a car?” Very same car, same exact place, some other time of year often means a complete different charge.

Thus now let us play with some numbers:

Small sedan coast to coast LA-NY will be around the $1100-$1200 in summer time.
New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA is just about 2800 miles - 2800*40+200=1320$ (miles*cents+agent cost) On the other hand, mainly because it’s a proper traveled route the price will reduce to $1100-$1200
Barre VT to Casper WY will be just around the $1900-$2100 in the winter time.  2000*40+200=$1000
Its’ just 2000 miles (800 miles less than LA-NY) but in the off season and with both places off any main route, the cost goes up to reach the $2100 tag price.   

As you can see in this article there may be a good number of specifics you need to consider to comfortably get a price. If you would like to clearly understand just how does it cost to ship a car kindly complete our get an estimate form; we will be happy to assist you out with your car transport requirements.