Car Transport Scam - Protect Yourself!

Day in day out we receive message or calls actually from prospective customers claiming their car wasn't picked up right on the regular pickup date, or otherwise that the car transport agency they actually engaged increased the cost at the actual pickup date. On the listed document we will try to cover some simple and easy things that will enable you Find Out the right car transport company and also avoid scams!
Getting hold of a competent Car Transport company.
Always check who generally you really pay before you sign up and as well spend on advance payment.
Do not pay deposit until you take driver details.
Don’t carry out double booking.

1)  Identifying a stable Car Transport company:   when you see on net for a car transport company, more often you will see tempting advertisements getting you to add your private information and subsequently get five, 7 or even ten fast quotes so that you can check out deals! Genuinely this is certainly the important mistake!!! Your information will often be provided to few transport companies that will literally fight in order to meet your needs. When your sales rep gets you a low-ball estimate 25% lower than all your other deals, STAY AWAY! They might take a NON REFUNDABLE down payment and as well raise the charge at the day of the planned move!! Your very best choice is always to open Google and then type in “car transport” and find a car transport company and not a TOP company.
2)  Check who you normally pay prior to you sign up and spend on deposit : You got a quote, now the rep needs you to sign up an agreement and also pay first deposit; simply before you sign up and as well pay, have a look at the company rating and permits.
Ask the sales rep for their MC# as well as find out if all license and enrollment are valid and legal. You can very well take a look in the following webpage:
Infact this web site: allows you to search for business names simply by area; ensure the company you dial is legit and already has licenses!!
99% of the car transport segments use central dispatch to often  post and pick up contracts. Almost every dealer has ratings that help you to take a look at exactly how this company acts and works compared to other companies and drivers.
As a final point, “Google” the company name and go through the 3rd page to actually  find just any red flags.
3)  Do not spend money unless you see driver’s specifics: At the time sales rep asks for the down payment, INSIST to gather the driver’s information and then determine pickup date. Dealers who  expect an deposit simply before they have a driver most likely will call a day earlier or the exact same date with some scenario and tend to demand for extra money to handle the car or else they would have to terminate the written contract and consequently retain the NON REFUNDABLE  payment!  
4)  Do not try double booking : Central Dispatch (drivers as well as agents board) functions like an public auction; each and every company bids considerably more to often  get a driver. Just as drivers spot the same vehicle just on the board with 2 totally different companies they know there is certainly fight going on for this particular job so most likely they simply hold on and let the brokers deal with it and look at exactly how they carry on increasing the rate (which in fact you should spend) and pickup the work at the last minute once the best price is offered. Do stop searching around when you are booked! Infact this will only cost you more.  
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